Working from home with kids during COVID19

Working virtually, while maintaining a household with children at the same time, presents its challenges but also has benefits.

Challenges may be the juggle of attention, attention to work and manage tasks, attention to your children’s needs, eating constantly and keeping busy–to household needs of cooking and cleaning and don’t forget about your spouses needs.

Challenges may be simply finding motivation in an environment that is used for living and relaxing, your home verses an office setting.

The benefit is being safe in your own warm environment and more time with family members than you could ask for.

We must make the best out of every situation.

Adapting to change will be inevitable. Staying calm, deep breaths, and time to think will help us all reach resolutions and solutions that will take care of our core needs to survive and thrive. 

We just have to be creative and innovative and have hope and faith.

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