Adapting to Change

There is no surprise that when a pandemic hits the country and affects us all as a whole that there will not be challenges to face and split decisions that affect dramatic changes in our lives.

With the recent pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, we as a culture have had to adapt to these changes.

Business must continue, for there are many people in the world that need to provide for their families

In Real Estate, we are adapting. We are adapting because it is important and our purpose is to advise and help our clients buy and sell their homes.

These are the ways that us Realtors have been adapting to the change:

  • Social distancing and utilizing virtual meetings vs face to face contact.
  • Technology has allowed us to virtually complete contracts and even provide virtual home  tours for our clients
  • And if it is a must to interact, taking extra precautions of sanitizing and keeping that distance and recognizing symptoms to avoid contact in the event one falls ill.

By being cautious in preventing the spread of the virus and adapting to change with technology, I have confidence that we will get through this together.

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