Best and Worst of Renovations

Do you have a little extra money and are wondering what you can do to renovate your home to add value?

Below you will find the best and worst renovation tips you could do to add ( or decrease) value to your home:

The Renovations below are sure the best way to add value to your home:

1. Minor Kitchen Renovations. By replacing appliances with energy efficient appliances, reface the cabinets with shaker style wood panels, new countertops, replace all hardware, new sink and facet, new floors and repaint.

2.Attic Insulation. Will save costs in the long run

3.Curb Appeal. Landscaping that will give a great first impression.

4.Floor Plan. Creating an open floor plan will allow you to enjoy and make the best use of your space.

These are the worst renovations you will want to avoid:

1.Inground swimming pools.Pools limit your buyers, they may have young children and want to avoid pools, and also it will hike up your homeowners insurance.

2. Gourmet Kitchen. High end appliances won’t overtly add value.

3. Luxury whirlpool bath tub. Will also lead to a need for a larger hot water heater to fill the tub.

4. Expensive add ons like extravagant chandeliers or high tech built in electronics.

5. DIY projects over professional ones. Something can go wrong and the project can end up costing double.

6. Quirky tiles and bold colors. These don’t add value but can be fun when personalizing ones home.

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