Feng Shui Your Home

Fengshui, the ancient method of constructing and optimizing residences and businesses to bring about happiness, abundance and harmony.

Everyone wants a home free of clutter and good energy flow. These simple tips below can help when attempting to bring a vibe of happiness and joy, all while making your house a home.

1.Keep the direct line of clear from the front door to the back door. As soon as you walk in your home there should be a clear path that greets you; free of packages and shoes. You can slow down the energy by adding a patterned rug, feel good artwork on the walls or a round entry table.

2. Clear the clutter. A cluttered space creates negative energy and disrupts the flow of the home. Start with the areas that bother you the most and set aside 15 min to do other areas each day.

3. Utilize mirrors. When hanging them, make sure it reflects more light, a serene view or an expansive part of the room. A round mirror framed in gold speaks to energies tied to wealth and abundance.

4.Keep the bathroom doors closed. Since water is related to wealth we don’t want our money being flushed away!

5. Align your bed properly. Your bed location does not need to be aligned with the door but you need to be able to face the door while lying in bed. If that cannot be ideal utilize free standing mirrors.

6. Keep what you love and clear the rest. Marie Kondo style. Think deeply if this object gives you joy or not. You may just be keeping things, and they don’t necessarily bring you joy.

7. Clear the air. Use indoor plants and open the windows as often as you can. Small plants can feel like clutter, so the bigger the better!

8. Dispose/Fix broken items. Clogged drains, broken appliances and drawers that stick. Especially in the kitchen, as it is directly tied to your health and ability to attract money.

9. Display fruit and flowers to a cleared space. They will attract a lively healthy energy to a space.

10. Utilize water fountains in your home. Water is associated with wealth and a flowing fountain helps with cash flow. Avoid fountains in the bedroom as it represents worry and sorrow. Instead place a flowing fountain facing the front door to represent wealth flowing in.

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