Houseplants: What to Consider

Looking to add a little lush life to your living space? Just like picking paint and furniture, it’s important to spend time choosing the best plants for your interior. Not only should you be considering the care your new plant friends will need, but also how they will impact your space as they grow to their full forms. Below are several tips for picking the best houseplants. Understand sun exposure. The quickest way to shrivel a houseplant is by giving it the improper amount of sunshine.

Take time to get to know the sunniest and shadiest parts of your home, and pick plants that thrive in that environment. Consider maintenance. If you’re choosing houseplants that need a good amount of TLC—water, trimming, etc.—make sure you have the time in your schedule and bandwidth in your brain to take this on. If not, pick a plant that needs minimal attention, like a succulent. Pick proper containers. Learn the root length of the plant you’re choosing, and how big it’s likely to grow, then pick a container that can accommodate it. Consider color. While varying shades of green can feel gorgeously lush, no need to stop there! Add a splash of color to your interior with orchids, peace lilies or prayer plants.

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