Homeowners Insurance; What’s the Big Deal?

Is it the law to obtain Homeowners Insurance? The answer is No, not in the state of Georgia.

However, if you are using a lender to purchase a home, your lender will require you to have some form of insurance.

Here’s why:

You just made a huge purchase, a big investment; probably the biggest investment you have made at this point in your life. And anyone that makes a life changing investment wants to be sure that investment is protected and that is what your Homeowners Insurance will provide you.

Which one? There are so many!

When choosing a Homeowner’s Insurance to go with, you really want to do your research, shop around and get a few quotes. All are different and offer various packages. A Realtor Professional, like Huber Tate of Hubert Tate & Co. of Keller Williams Realty, can provide you with a few of his Professional Contacts and/or the Broker Affiliated Contact.

Also, your current auto insurance may offer a bundle plan. 

The important factor is to check around and do your research to ensure the best one that fits your needs and the main types of coverage that include: dwelling/building structure, personal property/belongings, liability protection and additional living expenses.

In conclusion, you don’t want a Big Deal such as a hurricane, storm, tornado, other natural disasters or fire, damage your big investment without it being protected.

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