Benefits of an Open House

Hosting an open house can seem a bit nerve wracking to a first time home seller. However, with the right information and expectations, you will want to host your open house with confidence it will bring in ready and able buyers.

Taking into consideration your home is priced just right, compared to the comps within the mile distance, an open house will bring in potential buyers (with or without a Realtor accompanying them) Real estate professionals who could be screening potential homes for their clients and other sellers nearby who may want to check out the competition or will be planning to sell in the near future.

It all starts with advertising. Advertising your open house a week prior to the event allows for many home buyers to start seeing that ad early on in the week. 

This will be beneficial for the buyer if your showing times are out of the available time frames buyers have to view the home.

Open houses can be advertised via hundreds of multiple list sites and social media from other agents, family members and friends who are spreading the word offering additional exposure

Once you go through your Prep for showing checklist and your home is spick and span clean its time to open the doors to potential buyers.

The Professional Open House Agent will be prepared with property information to offer buyers, plenty of light refreshments, and knowledgeable to answer any questions one may have about the home.

There are a couple ways a seller can prepare for a successful open house, keeping in mind the importance of first impressions.

  1. Remove all personal items, collectibles, memorabilia. You want the focus to be on your home, not your personal life.
  2. Be Hover free. Plan to be away an hour before and a little to an hour after the open house. A well advertised open house will draw in buyers early and will have buyers coming to view just as an agent locking up the home. You want buyers to view your home without feeling they are invading your personal space by being present.
  3. Open and Bright. Turn lights on, open drapes and blinds. Allow your home to shine with as much natural light as possible. Be sure to dust windows and blinds or dust will stick out like a sore thumb and will appear unclean.
  4. Organize drawers, cabinets, and closets. Believe it or not, buyers want to see these areas because they will be housing their things there as well. You want them to focus on the beautiful gourmet kitchen, not the clutter or spills in cabinets and drawers.

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