What to Look For In A Realtor

Finding the best Realtor can be a bit perplex. You want to make sure you are selecting the right Realtor that seeks your best interest. 

Look no further,below you will find the best characteristics and traits to look for to find the best Realtor for you!

You know the saying, “You get more bees with Honey” you would be surprised how far this can get you. A likeable agent that can get along and work diligently with everyone is definitely a trait to keep in mind when making your selection.

  1. First Impression. You want an agent that is dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic. You should feel this from your first interaction.
  2. Choosing the Person over Experience. An agent solely focused on marketing your property not themselves. Keeping the focus on the transaction process.
  3. Skilled at Talking and Negotiating. An agent that is not scared to take on challenges and provide solutions for them.
  4. Full Time Agent. A full time agent versus a part time agent has the dedication to follow the market everyday and can jump on a listing or showing immediately.
  5. Response time. A punctual agent that respects people’s time and will follow/up and return calls within prompt timing.
  6. Creativity and Tech Savvy. Shows your agent thinks outside the box, hip on trends, and understands the constant changes of technology in Real Estate.
  7. Team Player. An agent that has a network of professionals at their disposal. Handyman, Insurance Agent, Mortgage Broker, Home Inspector, and a variety of home Buy/Own Professionals.
  8. Honesty. A knowledgeable agent you can trust and respect. A person you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and concerns with.

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