Feedback-Is it beneficial or not?

Feedback comes in all forms: the good, the bad, and the ugly. But when it comes to feedback on one’s home, two questions come to mind from a Realtor’s standpoint:

1. Will this information be beneficial for the seller?

2.What is the best way to deliver this feedback?

To be shared or not to be shared?

To be shared information that would be beneficial to the seller could be the following:

  • The variation of paint colors throughout the home.
  • The price is too high compared to other homes with more upgrades for the same price.
  • The door handle is broken.
  • There is a distinct aroma that you can smell throughout the home

This information is beneficial because a realtor can offer simple solutions to all of the comments.

  • Offering a paint allowance or repainting the home in neutral colors
  • Bring the price down to reflect the lack of upgrades and need for renovations and repairs
  • Hire a handyman to fix minor repairs
  • Break out the Bleach, dust cloth and mop and get cleaning! Or hire a professional cleaner

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